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Early morning study

Exam time is nearly upon us. “I love the smell of seniors on a study period in the morning “ [pictured above] as opposed to napalm. The best part about the new Nescafe laptops is not that seniors have priority (well that too) but that they are very portable, especially since our wireless network was upgraded.  If you can’t log on check that your wireless switch is on and glowing a royal blue colour. Still can’t log on? Try plugging in the blue network cable for a few minutes until you launch your desktop. Don’t forget to have it scanned back in when you are done. Still stressed?  Why not check out this Study Fact Sheet at Beyond Blue Youth?  Read some of the other fact sheets online. Some of these helpful fact sheets are archived in a folder in the Senior Study Room for you to take.

So what’s the bad news for those wanting the outside “A” on their next assignment? The bad news is we no longer subscribe to the online database company. The good news is that we have explored at least two ways to access good online journal databases for free!  Click here to read two quick step-by-step tutorials for online database access. You’ll need to become a member of the Cairns City Library for the first one. Easy – just take a bill as proof of address, to the Smithfield branch and sign up. You’ll get heaps of extra privileges for your trouble – like access to a qualified tutor in an online chat room – yourtutor – most days after 4pm.

Rupert McCall, Australian poet, was in Cairns last week to MC a sportsperson’s luncheon for charity. What a pity we had to come to school. Don’t miss his recitation of The Firefighter’s Dream, a tribute to firemen (and women) who lost their lives on 9/11, 2001. He wrote a similar elegy for Steve Irwin.

For those who missed Mrs Anderson’s display of “100 best first lines from novels” (below) follow the link to the list of books and while you’re enjoying this Word Press blog check out the other interesting “lists” in the LH sidebar. Lastly, this one’s for true library lovers …(drum roll)… check out this beautiful wedding venue .

100 Best First Lines from Novels

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