Valentines Anyone?

The library’s first lunch time activities for 2013 were in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  About ten risk-takes took part in Speed dating with a Book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We spent 2 mins getting to know our dates before the alarm sounded and we moved to the next table to start the process all over again. Prizes for good evaluations were awarded. Congratulations to our best speed-daters: Harrison Seal Yr 8, Claire McGarrie Yr 9, Mikayla Radlof Yr 11 and Mani Norris Yr 11.

Responses were very positive:Shadow Girl was just peaceful to read – Very funny – “Siggy & Amber was Awesome – It looked funny – I reckon this is awesome – It was interesting – “Unlocked” was weird, it has guns – Headgameswas interesting, people can relate to it –  Nick & Norah sounds amazing, I think it’s my type of book – “Another Fine Mess” was funny and interesting – “Unlocked” had an interesting beginning, it was great –Conspiracy 365″  was action-packed.  More than one book went home on a date with new borrowers and a good time was had by all.  Let’s have one every term?

30 “all time greatest” romance films were highlighted on our LCD screen for students to guess. Congratulations to India Hopkinson and Julia Denman,  Yr 11 for guessing more than anybody else.

Valentine’s Day Movie(s)

‘The Paperman’ and ‘Adelaide’ were all we had time for. Most moviegoers prefered the annimation. So if you want to watch some creative and original short films, just go to Short of the Week and search for films in various categories.

Quiditch  in Cairns

Matthew Morris is the organizer of the newest Quiditch team in the Australian Quiditch Association.  The Cairns United Quiditch Club (CUQC)  is looking for members. If you would like to join, contact CUQC.  JCU inaugurated the sport here in Cairns with the CUQC recently becoming the second team in the area. Matthew is pictured below  in the player’s jersey and holding a book about Harry Potter, which provided the inspiration for the Muggle version of the sport. Of course this version must be played on the ground and therefore the rules have been modified. Contact  for more information.

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